Our SMSF Setup Solutions

Service Introduction

ServicesObtaining professional advice in relation to your SMSF can make the difference between a well-run, cost effective and diversified SMSF and one which fails to optimize tax benefits, pays little attention to investment risk and performance, and ultimately causes compliance issues.

The SMSF setup and taking on the role of trustee, as required under legislation, brings with it a number of onerous administrative, investment and compliance obligations. This can be very difficult and time consuming for you to manage.

Active Self Managed Super Funds has the complete solution! The areas where we can assist you are:

  • Providing an overall assessment including the costs and benefits of transferring your current superannuation into an SMSF.
  • Providing ongoing administration assistance which removes the burden from you throughout the year and at tax reporting time.
  • Providing ongoing compliance support to ensure your fund meets the current regulation and legislative regime.
  • Manage communications, correspondence and general paperwork with your underlying investments to provide a consolidated report to your accountant or administrator.
  • Superannuation contribution strategies to ensure you are taking advantage of salary sacrifice, government co-contributions and spouse contribution tax offsets where available.
  • Fund performance reporting and detailed investments reports, such as investments movement reports, and year-end market valuation reports to assist you in managing the fund and underlying investments.
  • Establishment and regular updates of the Investment Strategy to ensure the fund is compliant and meets the needs of all of its members.
  • Liaising with your accountant, administrator, lawyer or professional third party on an ongoing basis to assist in managing the fund.
  • Identifying the benefits and costs associated with retirement, pension and transitional strategies.
  • Investment recommendations, to ensure the fund maximises its potential performance, transparency and flexibility.
  • Borrowing to buy property within superannuation and co-ordinating the necessary third parties, including the lawyers and bank.
  • Providing personal insurance cover where required.
  • Estate Planning and recommendations for beneficiary nominations.

Our Services

Active Self Managed Super Funds uses ‘tried & proven’ rigorous internal processes and procedures to ensure quality services are consistently delivered. We provide upfront fixed fee structures so you know in advance all the costs associated with your fund. We do not charge by the hour unless specifically requested by you.

In this specialised area, experience counts.  We have the skills and experience to help you achieve results. All our staff have SMSF administration experience and our Director, Andrew Wieman, is a SPAA specialist (Superannuation Professional Association of Australia).

We do not restrict you or limit the services of third party providers and welcome working with your trusted accountant, lawyer or administrator to ensure we are all on the same page looking after your interests.  Alternatively, we can recommend an experienced professional to help you.

Active Self Managed Super Funds offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of SMSF services in the Australian SMSF industry. Our flexible suite of services can be tailored to suit any situation.

Trustees can select from one of our packaged solutions.

SMSF Establishment (SMSF setup)

Setting up an SMSF is not just about taking the necessary steps to get your fund started. You’ll need to make important decisions about how to structure and run your fund. How many trustees, the investment strategy, whether to have individual or corporate trustees etc.

The ATO recommends you seek professional advice before setting up your fund as a SMSF setup is a major financial decision. After all, the responsibility for running the fund and complying with the laws rests solely with you, the trustee.

While SMSFs are great for some people, they do not suit every person. Managing the administration and underlying investments of a SMSF can take time, knowledge and money.

In 2013 the ATO will have new powers that will allow them to put in force significant fines on individual trustees and members who do the wrong thing. Unfortunately, not knowing or not understanding the rules are no excuse in the eyes of the ATO.

Before you go through the SMSF setup process we recommend that you speak to us first. This will be a free consultation to make sure you are on the right track.